DIY Fall Wreath 2020 + Personal Update

Hey babes! Long time no talk!

As you've undoubtedly noticed, I've been gone for over year. I'm sorry for that but, honestly, it's been a rough year and a half for my husband and I. My father-in-law was hospitalized with a stroke back at the end of April 2019 and we've been making regular trips back and forth to their home to look after my husband's grandmother and my in-laws' pets as often as we are able. Not to mention the Covid-19 problems this year that have affected everything, throwing everyday life on its head.

On the plus side, with my father-in-law being now on a very low carbohydrate, low sodium diet, it has given me the opportunity to develop some interesting recipes to help him feed his sweet-tooth with some tasty and low-carb treats. I'll be sure to share some of his favorites!

Then, my husband had a heart scare at the end of August2019. He was in bed one night and his pulse started going crazy and having palpitations. After two trips to the emergency room, his doctor, an echocardiogram, sleep study and some heart/blood pressure medication, we have no idea what is going on. Other than having mild sleep apnea, his heart is working fine and everything looked normal.

Again, on the plus side, he (and I) have started taking our health seriously for the first time in nearly 3 years. We have gotten into a low-carb lifestyle, HARD. We have also been working out pretty hard as well with my husband going to the gym every other day and we've been taking walks at different places around us. We discovered a paved trail at one of the local parks that runs for 2 - 3 miles along a local reservoir! Such a beautiful sight to see while going for a walk! To top it off, in order to help save money for our own home,

As a result of our new lifestyle, we have both lost plenty of weight and feel better on the whole. I went from over 200 pounds to about 170 pounds in the months since my husband got sick while he went from 360 pounds to 290 pounds. We are both looking forward to sharing more lifestyle successes as we move forward into the future!
Now, I'm back with one of my favorite things: wreaths! I love crafting. It's just so satisfying and a great outlet for my creativity. I couldn't survive, I feel, if I had no outlet and couldn't make a space mine. One of my favorite things the last few years has been having a wreath on our front door year-round. My absolute favorite time of the year is Fall. My husband and I got married in October and our post-nuptual celebrations are marked by beautiful Midwestern forests, chilly weather, pumpkin spice and comfy sweaters. The only thing that I'm not the biggest fan of is the typical red/orange/yellow/brown color palette. As with many things in my life, I like to set myself apart and be unique. So, with that in mind, and fall being in mid-swing, I am introducing you to my Fall/Winter wreath for this year.

This is a great transition piece for Fall and Winter, in my opinion. The flowers and greenery, I feel, let you know that some things are still hanging on as the world goes to sleep for a few months. The colors show that everything is starting to be coated in a lovely layer of frost. And I love the plain wreath by itself as well. I haven't been able to find one just like it in a while, it seems like everything is either evergreen boughs or grapevine and I love the plain wood.

I wish I could tell you exactly how to put something like this together, but honestly, just go to a craft store near you, grab a cart and start throwing things together until you get something that satisfies your soul and your empty front door! For me, I dragged my husband to Hobby Lobby. I tried my best to link everything in case you see something that you like. The wreath I purchased from Hobby Lobby a few years back and I haven't seen another one similar to it in our local store.

Wreath -  Use one that you prefer.
Lavender Gray Roses -  I used 2
Flocked Phlomis Leaf Spray -  I used 2
Flocked Mimosa Greenery -  I used 2
Flocked Dusty Miller -  I used 1
Eggplant Berry Stem - I used 1 (closest thing I could find)

And that's about it for this post! If you liked what you see, leave a comment. You can also share to help others get a little inspiration to pretty up their homes for the upcoming holidays! Have a great day Loves!

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