DIY Fall Wreath With Monogram

Hey loves!

I know it's been a while, but I hope you'll forgive me as I bring you this beautiful and easy Fall Wreath.

I've been thinking all summer of how I wanted to change my wreath. I got in a rut of indecisiveness and what was supposed to be a summer wreath came to be this month. I knew that I wanted to keep my base and the "E" but I wanted to bring the seasons into it.

One thing I never got into with Fall was the typical brown, yellow and orange colors that are so prevalent. So I found a way to celebrate fall with a different view. I took my spring wreath and removed the flower picks then added new fall flowers and pumpkins. I've noticed this fall that blush and rose tones are trending. Typically, I avoid these colors like the usual fall palette but this Fall season I wanted to embrace it and make it work with my decor.

My husband and I did our usual rounds, visiting our local Michael's, Hobby Lobby and even hitting up a Dollar Tree on our way home. One of our favorite things to do is to hit the road for fun, usually we just head off in some random direction and swing back around after about an hour. Somewhere on our trail, we hit up either the craft stores or the outlet stores to dress up ourselves or to dress up the house. Sometimes my husband makes us pull into Cabelas and he runs around like a kid in a candy store while I hang out and watch the fishies in their big tank in the middle of the store.

As for this trip, we ended up grabbing some cotton picks, a couple pretty flower bunches and some pumpkins. I'll tell you where I found everything below:

Wreath - Hobby Lobby
Flowers - Michaels
Cotton Picks - Hobby Lobby
Pumpkin with Gold Detail - Michaels
Vine Pumpkin - Hobby Lobby
Willow Branches - Michaels
Wooden "E" - Michaels


I reused the base and the "E" from my previous wreath design and updated it with some new pieces. I layered in the Willow branches first, using the "E" as my guide (since I glued it into place and can't move it). Then I stuck on the pumpkins. Both pumpkins had picks on the bottom which made them really easy to get latched on in the vines of the wreath. From there I added the Cotton picks and finished it all off with these beautiful pink/rose/blush roses that I found at Michaels. We ended up making a second trip to try and find more of these because I liked the color so much but one bunch wasn't enough to fill the space I wanted to fill.

I know that the pink tones aren't typical of what you normally find this time of year, but I noticed that these colors were actually trending. Because I am who I am, I went with these colors. I do the same thing come Christmas time, I can't stand the simple red and green everything! Anyhow, I think we can agree that the wreath came out lovely!

You can see a couple more photos below. Please excuse my husband's arms as we was playing "wreath hanger" for me as I tried to get a good shot.

And that about does it for this post! If you liked this wreath design, give me a comment and a share if you could please! Also, be on the lookout for my first ETSY listing! I went ahead and designed another wreath (posting imminent) and put it up to see if I could share my love of wreathes with others! So be on the lookout for that. Until next time, have a great day!

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