DIY Honey Lavender Body Scrub

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Any who know me fairly well know that I suffer badly from anxiety. One of the things that really helps to bring me down from my anxiety is the scent of lavender. It really helps calm my nerves! What I usually like is putting couple drops of lavender essential oil, mixed with some coconut oil, on my wrist so I have an immediate source of calm on hand. Or, rather, on wrist. I also like putting plain Young Living Essential Oil on the rest of my pulse points. I have found that this particular brand is gentle enough to put on my bare skin without any irritation.

Sometimes, you need a little more immersion into the lavender love. So I put together this Honey Lavender Body Scrub. With most of the items already in your pantry, this is a remarkably simple recipe. I used my favorite Young Living brand essential oil but you can certainly use whatever brand you prefer. I buy a lot of Fresh Thyme and Now brands which are both great but I still prefer Young Living for ingestion and dermal use.

It doesn't apply to this post, since it's a scrub, but if you want to you can generally ingest Young Living brand essential oils, such as Peppermint oil in your tea or Lemon in your chicken or fish dish. The brand representatives that we have spoken with all agree that this brand is okay to ingest, as long as they are derived from plants that you would typically eat. You would eat Basil or Cinnamon but you wouldn't generally eat Frankincense and Myrrh. Other brands are usually better for aromatherapy or limited skin use when mixed with some coconut oil. With ANY brand of essential oil, you should try very limited use at first to determine if your body will have any reactions.

So, without further ado, here is the soothing scrub for your aching everything!

Here is the list of ingredients:

Sugar - 1 Cup
Coconut Oil - 1/2 Cup
Young Living Lavender Essential Oil - 30 Drops
Honey - 2 Tbsp.
Dried Lavender - 3 Tbsp.

And here are the directions:

It's very simple. Gather all of your ingredients and mix them together in a glass or ceramic bowl. It's important that you don't use plastic as it's possible that it can become damaged by the essential oils. Certain properties in the oils can degrade the plastic and the plastics can destroy the oils and nobody wants that, especially since some oils can be pretty costly.

The ingredients should be very evenly mixed, no big clumps of anything. When you're done, deposit the mixture into your favorite glass container. I got a few of these little glass jars from the container store! To make it pretty, sprinkle some leftover dried lavender over the top and there you have it! This is perfectly placed next to the sink to give yourself a quick scrub before washing your hands.

So I hope you love this scrub. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to let me know! Have a wonderful day!

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