Five Spice Molasses Baked Chicken Wings

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I hope we're all enjoying this beautiful day as summer nears its end. Around this time of year, when the day is still fairly hot but the nights, evenings and mornings are starting to get pretty cool, it's nice to get a preview of the nice, spicy and sweet stuff that is to come in a matter of weeks. That's what inspired today's appetizer. Five Spice and Molasses Baked Chicken Wings.

I made this on Saturday evening so my husband and I could enjoy it outside with a cold beer. Hanging out under a light blanket with these little morsels of sweet spices made for a perfect impromptu date night. I'm a sucker for some good, flavorful wings and this really hit the spot. Baking these wings made them turn out crispy on the outside and juicy inside without being overly greasy as can be the case when you deep fry these wings. As an icing on the cake, at between 5 and 6 grams of Net Carbs per serving, this is a lighter carb option! So let's get started babes:

List of Ingredients:

Whole Chicken Wings - 8 Wings (I left the wings whole but you can definitely cut them in 2 which will give you 16 pieces)
Five Spice - 3 Tablespoons
Garlic - 3 Cloves, minced
Ginger - 2 Tablespoons, minced
Sukrin Fiber Syrup Gold - 2 Tablespoons
Molasses - 1 Tablespoon
Himalayan Pink Salt - 1/2 Tablespoon

The first step is to get your oven going, so set it to preheat to 375 degrees. By the time you are done prepping, it should be fully heated. You'll also want to take out a large baking tray and line it with parchment paper.

Now, let's prep the wings. If you have the whole wings, this is the perfect time to chop them into their pieces if you choose. If you do, just cut down on the joint between the wing and the drummette, splitting the wing in half, then do the same to remove the wing tip from the wing. Go ahead and toss the wing tip unless you're weird like my husband and like to try and chew on it.

Next, grab yourself a large bowl. How large? Large enough to toss your wings in with the glaze. In that bowl, toss all of the remaining ingredients: five spice, garlic, ginger, fiber syrup, molasses and salt. Give them a whisk to get all of the glaze ingredients combined completely.

Once the glaze is mixed and ready, go ahead and dump in the chicken wings. Using your hands (or a spoon is adequate if you don't want to get dirty) toss the wings to get the glaze to coat them completely. Don't forget to get the glaze into the nooks and crannies under the skin and in the meat. You want every bit of the wing to have flavor!

Now, when you've coated the wings well, set them on the baking tray with at least one inch separating them. Put the wings in the oven and let them cook for 35 minutes. Halfway through the cooking time, pull the tray out and flip the wings to let them crisp on the other side. Put them back in for the remainder of the time. About 5 minutes before the cooking time is done, check the wings for doneness. If you check them with a meat thermometer, they should hit about 165 degrees for food safety.

And that about does it! As a good pairing for the sweetness of the glaze, I suggest chopping up a serrano pepper finely and mixing it with some ranch dressing. The bracing heat goes fantastically with the spicy sweet of the wings.

I hope you love these wings as much as we did! If you do, please comment and share! Remember, football season is upon us and this is a great appetizer for your guests! Have a great day!

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Five Spice and Molasses Baked Chicken Wings
A great dish to transition from summer to fall with the heat of serrano peppers, the sweet of the molasses and the spicy goodness of the five spice.
  • 16 Whole Chicken Wings (Wings and Dummettes)
  • 3 Tbsp. Five Spice Powder
  • 3 Cloves, minced Garlic
  • 2 Tbsp, minced Ginger
  • 2 Tbsp. Sukrin Fiber Syrup Gold
  • 1 Tbsp. Molasses
  • 1/2 Tbsp. Himalayan Pink Salt
First, set your oven to preheat to 375 degrees. Get out a large baking tray and line it with parchment paper.Now, prepare your chicken wings. If they are whole, then cut them apart at the joints, getting rid of the wing tip.Next, prepare the glaze. In a large bowl (large enough to toss the wings in) combine the five spice powder, garlic, ginger, fiber syrup, molasses and salt. Whisk until everything is evenly distributed.Next, add the wings to the sauce and toss them with your hands (a spoon works as well) until all of the wings are coated completely in the glaze. Make sure the glaze gets into the folds of skin and meat.Now, on the baking tray, place each of the wing pieces, at least an inch apart. Place the tray into the oven and let the wings cook for about 35 minutes. About halfway through, flip the wings over to help them crisp evenlyAbout 5 minutes before the cooking time is up, start checking the wings to make sure that they are cooked. They should read about 165 degrees on a meat thermometer. At this point, your wings are completed! Enjoy!Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 240
Fat: 13.2g
Protein: 18.4g
Net Carbs: 5.9g
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 16 wings

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