UPDATED Tea and Coffee Station For Apartment Living

Hey Loves!

In an effort to bring you something more than just food for your belly, I'm going to incorporate some examples of my home decor to provide you with warmth and utility for your home. Today's showing is an updated Tea and Coffee station.

If you have seen my posts before, you'll remember my original tea/coffee station from this past fall/winter. You will also remember that it was small with just a shelf to provide "storage". I always wanted something more but at the time it was the best that I could come up with. Most of you who like to DIY on a budget know what I'm talking about. For the longest time, I was on the hunt for the perfect size buffet cabinet or slim-depth dresser to fit in the space I have which can be tricky. Our apartment is not the biggest place and the spot that I wanted to fill was small as well.

I was also on a budget when it came to this project so I perused thrift stores, Craigslist and the Marketplace on Facebook. Eventually I found a seller who had this beautiful chest, that she had renovated, for a very reasonable price. So, my husband and I went to check it out and I fell in love with it right away. The measurements were perfect, the paint color worked for me as well which meant one less thing I had to do. I didn't particularly care for the knobs so we went to the closest Hobby Lobby and found the hoops and knobs I liked and thought would work with it. Of course, even though they were the right KIND of knobs that I wanted, they were both different colors and neither would have worked for this project. That was an easy fix so I painted them with a copper metallic paint and it looks absolutely gorgeous against that blue on the cabinet.

When we finally got everything situated, I had my husband sand some of the drawers down to allow them to slide in and out freely. The seller was nice enough to provide us with the paint she used to touch up a few spots that had been scuffed when we brought it home. By the time we were done, it looked amazing and went almost perfectly with the decor I have going here at home.

The above picture was my before set up and it didn't work for me very well. I felt I was lacking space and everything in the shelves was exposed. I wanted something that was going to hold a lot more than this little storage area so I'm glad I shopped around and found something that looks really good against the wall. All of my tea is in the drawer now and not visible but easy to navigate at the same time so I can see what tea I want without knocking over thirty boxes in the kitchen cabinet they used to be in.

I use my wedding cake stand as part of the decor. I painted it navy blue in a satin finish to go with the rest of my decor and it holds the Mr and Mrs cups that were gifted to us for Christmas by my sister in law.

 Tea time! 

The above mug is from a dining set that some of our friends got us as a wedding gift. I found the wood and marble coasters at Target. Goodness I love that place!

But first, Coffee! With a shot of mocha syrup! Or Tea! With honey!

The above photo shows the whole setup. You can clearly see the cake stand, serving double-duty as a coffee mug display. The stand was actually our wedding cake stand, originally part of the Halloween decor at Home goods, painted burgundy red to coordinate with our wedding colors. Now, with a little navy blue spray paint and a clear coat, we have a cake stand that coordinates with our home.

The vases that you see are all from numerous places, Home goods and Target primarily. I cut off a couple branches from a magnolia tree in front to give a bit of organic flair to the coffee station. The containers that hold our coffee and sugar are from Overstock.com. The honey spoons and the honey tubs and servers are all from Home goods. The same goes for the Mocha syrup. You seriously can find almost anything at Home goods.

The French Press coffee maker was another wedding gift, this time from Bed Bath and Beyond. I cannot tell you how much we love it. Get yourself a coarse ground coffee and use it per the directions. It could just be me, but it tastes better than the coffee that runs through a machine. Not to mention, it takes up less space and is much easier to clean.

All of this is in a simple wooden tray that I picked up from Home goods and spray painted grey to match the decor.

The last bit is the painting. It was originally a pre-made painting from Hobby Lobby that I grew tired of and decided to put the canvas frame to good use. I just got some paints that matched the color scheme that I was going for and went to town. I probably repainted that canvas 3 times before I was satisfied with the results. I am pretty happy with the end result.

Doesn't it make you want to grab a coffee and curl up on the couch?

Well, that's about it. We already stuffed the drawers full of everything that would be related to the kitchen or dining room. I hope that this example helps give you some ideas for your own dining room! Please leave comments and share your own coffee stations or dining room storage. Have a great day!

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