Grapefruit Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub

Hey loves,

So, today I wanted to make this easy, chemical-free body scrub. I've been trying to make my own skincare to the best of my ability because I've been on this personal journey to slowly eliminate as many toxins as possible out of my life. Slowly, but surely, it's happening.

I have many reasons for this. Overall health being the biggest reason as I have always struggled with many conventional compounds that are used around the house. Cleaning supplies are full of chemicals that are not good for your health, many even have warning signs on the sides of the containers with warnings not to breathe them or handle them with your bare hands. If you drink water from the tap then you are ingesting chemicals that have been used in the sanitizing process to make that water safe to drink. I have become ultra picky about the creams, soaps, cleansers and cleaning agents that come into contact with my skin as I've had so many break-outs and rashes it's not even funny.

I know many folks use all of these conventional items daily with little to no ill effect, but I've just made the call that this is best for me. I also enjoy just generally being more conscious about the products that I use. What that translates to is me coming up with nifty ways to make a more natural equivalent to the products that we use. That is what led me to create this lovely body scrub from Himalayan Pink Salt and scented with fresh grapefruit and essential oil.

That's what I think I like about living this way. I can make everything exactly as I like it and I don't have to roll the dice with products on the shelves. I just enjoy this journey so much and the joy of making my own things for my home is awesome. 

You will use this scrub in instances where you would like the exfoliate your skin. The salt makes the scrub do that while the oils and honey help moisturize it. I've used similar products before and I like my own version a lot better.

This is a super simple recipe and you can definitely substitute the grapefruit for your favorite essential oil. Just a heads up, using citrus essential oils make your skin slightly sensitive to the sun so make sure to use this when you plan to spend the majority of your time in the shade or inside.

Now, a word on using Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E as a nutritional supplement is good for many things, among those being an immune booster and also helping the body resist certain sorts of cancer. Vitamin E oil for external use is good for your skin, nails and hair. The oil serves a good skin protectant, blocking airborne pollution and free radicals which contribute to premature aging. When mixed with Vitamin C oil, the mixture becomes a relatively effective sunblock. When the oil is mixed in with the drying and abrasive salt, it allows your skin to be exfoliated effectively and maintain its moisture.

Lets get started loves

List of ingredients:

Himalayan Pink Salt - 1 Cup, fine ground (coarse ground can be a bit too rough on your skin)
Organic Coconut Oil - 2 Tbsp.
Organic Raw Honey - 2 Tbsp.
Vitamin E Oil - 1 tsp
Young Living Grapefruit Essential Oil - 30 Drops
Grapefruit zest - 1 whole grapefruit

To put this all together, simply place everything into a mixing bowl, minus the honey and coconut oil. You will put those in a separate, microwaveable bowl and put them in the microwave for 30 seconds to get them to be easier to mix with the salt. If you like, you can mix all of the liquids into that bowl to be microwaved. I just did it this way to prevent too much of the salt from dissolving. Either way, mix everything together and find a good, seal-able container to put it in. I had this leftover jar from when I previously worked on a homemade deodorant that served that purpose perfectly. When you get the scrub in the container, sprinkle the reserved grapefruit zest over the top and seal it up good.

Scrub'a scrub scrub!

And that's it! Very simple, very easy and very delightful! I hope you enjoy pampering yourselves with this scrub. If you like it, please leave a comment and share this with your friends and loved ones. Have a great day!

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