Wedding Planning On A Budget

Hi Loves,

This post is for the ladies out there that are planning their Wedding on a tight budget! For those of you who may not know, as of October 7th, 2016, I am able to share what I learned because I am now a married woman! Yay! It was definitely a wonderful experience that I would never take back, even though we found ourselves constantly making adjustments and compromises. But, like any successful marriage, that is to be expected sometimes. I think everyone has certain ideas of what their wedding will look like at the onset. We certainly did when Christian proposed to me on New Year's Eve 2014.

It was probably the biggest surprise ever, my best friend (who had been in on the plan apparently since the beginning) told me that she wanted to go downtown for her birthday which is on New Year's. I said that was fine as long as Chris was going to be there at some point to which she replied that he was going to meet us downtown. I later found out that our roommate (who was also in on the plan) almost let it slip that Chris was going to surprise me. Luckily for him I was paying more attention to our crappy internet connection not letting me watch my show than to what he had to say at the moment. That and my best friend was there and gave him a bit of a glare to shut him up.

So we proceeded to get ready. For whatever reason, I chose to wear an outfit that was definitely NOT suitable for an Indiana winter; a lighter blue maxi dress with heels and a coat that was pretty but not very warm. So when we got out of our friend's car my butt was frozen! I think it was in the teens MAYBE. Any other day I would have just thrown on some warm leggings, my Uggs, a long sleeve shirt and sweater and maybe my coat. But not today!

Anyhow, we walked down the stairs of the parking garage and out onto the street of downtown Indy. We still had to walk a ways to meet Chris at the Starbucks that he was waiting at. I think my tushy may have fallen off along the way but we finally got there. Anyone who has been to downtown Indianapolis probably knows how beautiful the circle is in winter at night. They hang lights up on the trees and there are a bunch of lights on the buildings and everything is so pretty. We got to the Starbucks and we all had some quick coffee then started heading towards the mall for dinner.

All I remember up to the moment was how cold I was. I remember wondering why the hell Christian was taking me for a stroll around the fountain when I was shivering and freezing and hungry as hell. I was wondering why our friends were just kind of chilling out off to the side, in their nice warm coats and long pants and actual shoes or boots. Nothing could have prepared me for what came.

I guess Chris picked up on the fact that I was freezing my butt off because he didn't get on one knee or anything. He just kind of pulled me close to keep me warm, with his hand in his pocket. Over my chattering teeth I heard him ask "Am I keeping you warm at all?" I really wasn't warm in the least but I told him yes anyhow. Then he brought out his hand from his pocket and I got a funny feeling like I knew what was coming when grabbed my left hand. "How would you like me to keep you warm for the rest of your life?" As he said that he slipped the white gold ring with a sapphire stone over my ring finger. I had two thoughts running through my mind as I said YES: "Oh my God I can't believe I'm getting married to my best friend!" and "I'm freezing to death!"

And so our friends all came and congratulated us and we finally started towards the mall for dinner. I spent most of the walk staring at my hand.

And now we get to the meat of this post and the most important part, the planning and paying for the wedding. We planned on a long engagement because we knew that our success in getting the wedding planned and paid for would rely on doing things gradually, over time. We figured, hey, we have 1 year and 9 months, we can do virtually anything we want and have plenty of time to pay for it.

This post will be going over what we had planned and what actually happened and I will be giving you tips as you go along. As with most weddings, most of what we wanted didn't actually go according to plan and what we had thought we wanted at the beginning changed dramatically as we went along. So this may take a while but the information is well worth it in my opinion.!

The first tip I have for everyone planning a wedding is to BUDGET.

Yeah, we didn't do that. At the onset of the engagement we knew how much my husband (then fiance) made and how much money we could count on being there for the wedding from other sources. The big problem was that we never actually created a budget for ourselves to get a better idea of how to allocate our expenses for the wedding. Had we done that, we could have afforded more of what we wanted. You know what they say, hindsight is 20,20.

On a side note, since the turn of the new year, we have started working on Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps for reducing debt, developing a savings and building wealth. I will actually have my husband write a post about that for anyone who is interested at a later time.

Moving along, with regard to budgeting, never just keep your budget in your mind. You and your future spouse should sit down and have a realistic look at your income, expenses and your leftover funds and get it all on paper, a spreadsheet document or in your favorite budgeting app (something like EveryDollar, which we use and love). NEVER count on money being there that you can't actually account for with your current savings or income. When it is all said and done, you will be SO thankful that you had done so! Of course, there will be expenses relating to the wedding that will pop up that you can't foresee but it will be easier because the big stuff will have already been addressed.

Another thing along those lines, once you have your budget set, don't deviate from it more than you are financially able! If you budget for a $1,000 dress, do everything you can to stick to the budget. Don't get pulled in by the salesperson trying to get you into a $3,000 dress, because you will fall in love with it and you will be paying for it for years to come. Be strong and find a dress that you can love and afford. Of course this is only an example but it applies to the rest of the wedding.

If you budget and you are still struggling to make it work, try to avoid getting into credit cards and payment plans. lists Money as the second most common reason for divorce, considering that says that the average cost of a wedding is over $26,000, it stands to reason that the more that you bankroll from your own income and savings, the better. Get it paid for right now and don't deal with making credit card payments for the first several years of your marriage.

One good thing that happened was that we tried to be restrictive on our spending. When we were planning our wedding, we were on a very tight budget because my husband and I decided that we would rather spend our money on important things, such as getting our finances right, paying off our debt and saving up to buy a house for us and starting our family. We maintained the mindset that this was just our wedding day and we would make the most of it but we wouldn't go broke paying for it.

Thankfully my husband was pretty good at keeping us relatively on track throughout the planning process. That all being said, we really weren't working with the best income situation of our lives. We had to do a lot of things to save money and get creative to make everything meet our wants and needs.

One thing that we did that saved us money in the long run was that we didn't let ourselves fall in love with something for our wedding to the point that we made reckless spending decisions that we would regret. We did a lot of window shopping before we decided on stuff. We also tried to sit on some things for a day or two to make sure we really wanted it and that it wasn't a case of "Wouldn't that be nice?"

When it came to our wedding date, we picked Friday instead of a Saturday, which saved us about two grand just cause we got married during the weekday. Yes, it probably shaved a lot of our guests off of our attendance but our venue would have been significantly more expensive if we had rented it on a Saturday.

I'll go ahead and use this as a segue into our venue, which we got very lucky with, let me just say that. We shopped online several times and looked into several options for a venue and the most affordable one that we could find using general searching was still around $11,000 or so. We interviewed several other venues that seemed like they would be more affordable but they didn't pan out. Many places would advertize a very affordable price, one of them was $5,000 which is about what we expected to pay, but that wasn't the end of it. We had to use their bar, which started at over $1,000. We had to select from their list of food vendors, the most affordable of which started at over $3,000. We had to rent their equipment, tables, chairs, etc. and it all would set us back between $2,000 and $5,000. We had to use their DJ and he was a few thousand dollars. On top of that me and my ladies couldn't get ready on the location. Needless to say, my fiance and I left and never called back.

Then we found out about a new venue in Noblesville, Indiana. I was looking around on The Knot (or Wedding Wire, I'm not entirely sure which one I saw it on first) and I discovered the Smith House. When I say new, the owner of the venue, Mrs. Stephanie Smith, didn't even quite have the landscaping in yet. But, when we visited, we instantly liked this bubbly lady and her house. If you visit the link above you will see that she did a fantastic job of renovating this old colonial-style house to be clean and bright on the outside and with a mix of rustic and contemporary design work on the inside. At the time of our first visit, it was still a work in progress and the front was not landscaped yet and there were plans in place to get a fence surrounding the back yard which contained a beautiful big tree that we immediately wanted to get married under.

We also were reminded of how new this venue was as the owner informed us that we were the first couple to come and engage her services for a wedding. So, we liked everything about it thus far so we sat down with Stephanie and talked numbers. I, however, already knew I wanted to get married there!

Originally, our plan was for roughly 140 guests, in addition to Chris and me, 4 bridesmaids, 4 groomsmen and our vendors on a Saturday to let as many guests as possible attend. The entire event was going to run from 2pm until about 9pm. Given the small size of the house, the wedding and reception would have to take place outside. We originally had planned for a glorified catered cocktail hour with a limited bar and plenty of appetizers. We also wanted a photographer that worked our friends' wedding because the pictures turned out so wonderfully. But when we started dealing in the following numbers, we had to come to some decisions.

For the outdoor wedding rental and reception, the base price was $5,000. Not terribly expensive but remember that the above venue started there as well. The price included the setup of a pole tent, tables, linens and chairs so that was a plus. This price was for both the wedding and reception, as well as a free rehearsal session on the day before. Not too bad.

But wait! There's more!

The following gripes have more to do with the City of Noblesville. City requirements were that, for events involving 50 or more guests, we had to hire security. So for $50.00 an hour, we would have an off-duty police officer hanging out in his car. Which was pointless because Christian's best man is a prison guard and firefighter.

Another gripe is that we would be required to hire a valet for an event with 100 or more guests. That alone would cost between $750 and $1,300.This is somewhat understandable since the parking lot is rather small and would probably struggle with so many guests.

All that being considered, Stephanie was SO flexible for us. She said that with whatever package we decided, we would get almost full reign of the house and property to prepare and decorate for the wedding. There is a Groom's suite and a Bridal suite for all the ladies and gentlemen to get ready before the event. Since she was in the process of nailing down the details with the city and with finishing up some of the features of the property, she said that she would keep the prices the same for us in a verbal contract for a while since we needed to think about it. She also agreed to block the dates for us without a deposit so that noone would be able to come in and take the date from under us. This was great considering that we didn't actually get a contract signed until about 9 months before our wedding date. We definitely clicked with her on a personal level. We spent so much of our time during our meetings just chatting about all kinds of stuff.

So, after we stewed on this information for a while, we decided to check out some of the other options that Stephanie had given us. She had left such an impression that we really wanted to work with her.

It really all depended on the guest list. We did some refiguring and discovered that we could get the guest list to drop below the 50 person mark. We decided to cut out distant friends and acquaintances, current and former coworkers, even the vast majority of cousins and distant family. We settled on our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles as well as our closest friends. We resolved to go ahead and stick to that plan and absorb any flack from people who felt that they should be invited. It turned out that this was probably the best thing we could do for our wedding to succeed.

When we checked on the costs after this decision, we discovered that the venue would only cost about $800 for the wedding package. This was because, even though we still planned on an outdoor wedding, Stephanie told us that we would be able to have a tent-less event and thus qualified for the more affordable package. Not to mention we wouldn't have to deal with hiring security or a valet. On top of that, we could make it work so that, if it rained on our wedding day, we could have the ceremony and reception indoors. This was GREAT news!

In the end, we also rented tables and chairs enough for all of our guests, as well as linens and the outdoor dance floor. The final cost for our venue and the associated rentals? Just under $1,700.

What should you take away from this? Well, first is that you should definitely do your research. Like I said before, don't let yourself fall in love with a venue so much that you make a poor financial decision. I knew I wanted to get married here but Christian wanted us to make sure that we could afford it and be willing to continue searching if necessary. Luckily, everything worked out but we did have to turn down a few places before we got here.

Another thing to take away is to be a little flexible with your vendors and they will reciprocate in most cases. We worked the details out with Stephanie instead of just dictating what we wanted and leaving it as her problem to figure out. As a result it was very low stress getting ready for the wedding. She also handled the chairs, tables, dance floor and linen rentals for us, as well as getting our wedding decorated for us personally. It was also fortuitous that she had a coordinator who was training under her who we got for free. Between these two ladies, all of our food, decorations and all of the bits and bobs we brought along we perfectly situated. I am a control freak and it was hard for me to give up control on my wedding day but I had no choice to trust them and the numerous meetings we've had. I was not disappointed! If you are in the Hamilton County or even just the Indianapolis area, I highly suggest checking out Smith House Events, even if you don't use this venue for your wedding it is an adorable place for a birthday or family get-together.

So that about covers the venue topic, then there is the photographer.

Shop around for your photographer and, again, be realistic about your needs and wants. Most people want a good photographer for an affordable price, of course! I checked out a few photographers that we knew of, in addition to ones that our venue suggested, and we were floored by the price of the packages that we were shown. The lowest we saw was around $2,000 to start, that wasn't including getting the pictures printed or anything. The one we really wanted was a photographer who had done our friend's wedding, but they only started at $4,000! Granted, some of the packages that we saw had all sorts of prints and books and flash drives and dvd's and multiple photographers and all of the extra bells and whistles that explain the swollen price. Using all of the normal search methods, I was unable to find a photographer that met our budget.

So, at the advice of a friend, I started checking out some Facebook groups that helped hook up clients with wedding vendors. That's how I came into contact with Leah. We got to talking and she showed me some examples of her work. They were remarkably good and then we started talking about the business. We ended up settling on $1,000 for her entire services at the wedding. Not only was this in our price range, but it included: All day at the wedding, photo editing, flash drive with all of the photos, a canvas print of our favorite photo and, awesomely enough, a free mini engagement shoot a few months before the wedding. This a very great value for our money. It also helped that we clicked from the moment we first held a meeting at Starbucks. She was such a sweet lady and was totally into our plans for our wedding. I was hoping to find a photographer that we can return to for milestones in our life, kids, anniversaries, vow renewal, etc., and I think we hit the jackpot.

As far as the features of the package, just the flash drive was all we needed. We ended up getting MANY free $25 certificates to Shutterfly that served almost all of our printing needs, and for the rest of the prints we just used our own printer. And it gets a little better because the flash drive was engraved with our names and wedding date very stylishly and I love it! I love little touches like that.

So I guess the tip here is to not be afraid of looking in places that are outside of the mainstream to find your vendors. Don't be afraid to give newer vendors your business, especially if they provide evidence that they have done a good job. Also, in the case of photographers, don't be afraid to check with someone who doesn't normally do weddings. Before we met Leah we spoke with a lady who normally does baby and family photos and she was interested in doing weddings. In the end it was the price that swayed us but keep in mind that it costs nothing to ask.

Now, lets move on to floral.

I went ahead and shopped around to figure out how much to expect to pay for living arrangements but the prices that I was seeing chased me away from having a vendor do the floral. After speaking with my fiance, I went with silk flowers and real touch flowers because I did not wanna pay a florist thousands of dollars to do something that I could do easily with help from my ladies, and at a fraction of the cost. I also wanted to be able to either sell them or keep them for flower arrangements around my apartment. It actually worked out great for the most part because the colors for the table arrangements were white, navy and burgundy hydrangeas. The rest of the colors were just mixed metals. All keeping our wedding style fall appropriate without having the normal bright reds, oranges, yellows, etc. that are a bit obnoxious and overused. They're just not for me.

So for a few hundred dollars, and stalking the Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Joanne's sales, we got all of the flowers to do 10 table arrangements, my bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets and groomsmen boutonnieres and a couple other little special parts, like the wreath that we hung over the ceremony location under the tree. To further save some money, my husband went to Lowes and got a bunch of 3/4 inch thick wood planks cut into small, about 10-12 inch long, lengths and some copper spray paint to make the containers for our floral arrangements. He did a really good job with them and they really sparkled in the sun and contrasted well against the navy and burgundy of the flowers.

So, we decided that we weren't too proud to go with fake flowers and we saved a bundle on that. Hobby Lobby and Michaels have regular sales on their silk and real touch flowers that go from anywhere around 30% to 50% off. If you are shopping near the end of the seasonal sales and they start putting out the next season's stuff, as was the case with ours, they can put them on clearance so you can really make bank.

My advice on floral is to do fake flowers. Unless you ABSOLUTELY feel you need real flowers, it's not worth the exorbitant cost to get the real ones and get them arranged. You can arrange your fake flowers at your leisure and get them done weeks or even months in advance of your big day. Not to mention, if you want to use a different flower here or there, all you have to do is go to your favorite hobby and craft store and get some more and get it done.

My biggest advice, should you choose to go the fake flower route, is getting your bridal party involved with stuff, give them tasks without sounding rude cause no one likes a BRIDEZILLA! Get an arrangement or bouquet done to your taste then give your ladies that one as an example and let them at it. They will likely not get it done exactly right and that's okay. If it's enough to bug you to death then you can always alter it a bit later. But get your ladies, and the groomsmen too, in on this. They are there for you! At least, half of mine were because my sister is in California and my sister-in-law is in South Carolina.

Then there is the issue of food. Luckily, our venue allowed us to do our own food. Also luckily, I married into a family of Italians and Christian's family makes this big family recipe with lots of meatballs, pulled pork, pasta, sauce and cheese, all made by hand. On top of that, we decided that I would make some Chicken Masala inspired cheese dip so there were some Indian flavors as well. Then Christian made some Parmesan crusted chicken breasts and Christian's grandmother made some cucumber sandwiches. Almost all of the food was bought by the in-laws, even though we all prepared parts of it. Oh, and we also had some mixed berries and dip to go with it. Noone left hungry, of that I am certain. Given that everyone ate well, we still had all kinds of food left over that fed us for a few days after the wedding.

So lets move on to Cake.

Thankfully my future in-laws told us that they would pay for the cake with the only stipulation being that we not go over $1,000. So we went out and looked around for a good place and we decided to go with a vendor that our venue suggested called Sweet Home Cupcakes. We clicked pretty well with the lady that worked with us, she was the owner, primary employee and baker of the downtown Noblesville bakery. When signed up for a tasting because she, unlike most of the vendors we looked into, didn't charge for tasting IF we went with her services. The first time we went, we grabbed a couple cupcakes to make sure we would like the cake and we loved it so we were now certain we wanted to come back.

When we did arrive for the official tasting, we were pleasantly surprised. We had elected to try red velvet, pink champagne, lemon and white chocolate raspberry and she had cupcakes all around. We ended up loving them all. So, with that in mind, and with the amount of guests that we were now expecting, we went with 75 cupcakes in the red velvet, white chocolate raspberry and lemon. And for the actual cake we went with the smallest size that she could make, round, about 6 inches tall and 8 inches across, in the pink champagne flavor, which was my absolute favorite!

All of it only cost us about $350 in the end, to our huge surprise! Even to my in-laws' surprise because they got a full size, multiple tier cake and it cost my grandmother-in-law $500 back in 1985. To top it off, the baker was right down the street from our venue and didn't charge us delivery.

We had such a intimate wedding that it all worked out perfect and the the amount we paid for was no where near my husband and I imagined we would have to pay.

So let that be a lesson to you, check out those small town vendors and definitely try things and make sure you like the bakery items that you are purchasing. We were entirely pleased with our experience with Sweet Home Cupcakes and we are already planning to go back for our anniversary cake.

We didn't freeze the remaining cake from the wedding because we figured it would be disgusting and we could just get the cake redone later on.

It's a given that we went with plasticware to serve the food on. We used Smarty Had A Party for all of our plates, forks/knives/spoons, napkins, cups and anything else we needed to deal with food. We even got a good deal on buffet trays with chafing burners. It didn't feel like we sacrificed anything on this end because we got some really nice plastic plates with gold details on the rim and the forks and all were gold then the napkins were a nice burgundy color to tie it all together.

I'm going to apologize really quick that this is such a long piece but I'm trying to hit as many points as possible in this blog post. I just know my husband and I'd talk about this all the time that it's our big day but we just didn't wanna spend ridiculous amounts of money to have a nice wedding. I personally loved our wedding, we probably spent around $7,000-8,000 and that included my wedding dress, all decor, venue, cake, dj, photographer and everything else. I really appreciate you sticking with this post so far and there is only a little more information to go through. I also really hope that this is giving you more ideas for what you can do for your wedding. And now, we are getting back into it.

Alright lets get into wedding dresses, I wanted my dream dress but my dream dress cost a few grand and trust me I was not willing to fork out a few grand to have a dress that I'd be wearing for my ceremony for one day and likely never again and then changing out of it after the ceremony because I wanted to honor my Indian side and wear my Indian outfit for the reception. My husband and I are in a interracial marriage so we had an American wedding with a twist, adding stuff from my culture was very important to me to honor my mom and my heritage. At one point I thought that I was going to just wear my Indian Lenghe dress for the whole event but eventually I came back to wanting a white (or rather off white because Indian brides are not supposed to wear white.) dress for the ceremony.

So that means that we had to shop for a dress. I shopped around and kept getting put in dresses that were way out of my budget and it really would piss me off cause these ladies asked me what my budget was and they would still bring me stuff with a high price tag. Not a hundred dollars or so more, I'm talking a thousand dollars more! So I ended up getting really frustrated and started shopping online. I went ahead and found a few dresses online at David's Bridal and then made an appointment to try them on. I went through and picked out the dresses I knew I liked but also some that I saw that caught my eye in their stock and within my budget. Y'all, the second dress I put on was THE dress. I knew it when I saw myself in the mirror and the crazy part was that I did NOT want a ball gown and I ended up going with one! To top it off, my fiance wanted to spend no more than $1,000 on the dress and we got it, all said and done, at around $750.

The B.S. part came when we tried to get alterations. When we spoke with the consultant about getting alterations, she told us that it wouldn't be more than $75-100 dollars to get the skirts shortened a little bit and a few small adjustments. That's fine, we knew what to expect and we set a time to come back and get alterations. When we did show up for the appointment, however, we were told that this simple adjustment would be a few hundred dollars when it was all said and done. I was livid and we went ahead and left. It wasn't a huge deal, the dress fit nearly perfectly as-is and the longer skirt would work out alright with my heels on. That being said, it was garbage that we were told one thing and then told something completely different.

For Christian, we just went with Men's Warehouse for the tuxes for him and his guys. We had thought about doing an Indian robe for them but we liked the mix of tuxes and sarees so that idea went away pretty quickly.

So, tips for dress shopping.

I can't stress enough to shop around for your dress and never order it online. It's okay to look at different places and styles but always buy your wedding dress in person after trying that exact dress on.

Make sure that you get get your consultant to write down ALL of the information CORRECTLY on a business card or to provide some sort of print out and check all of that information for accuracy. We had a big problem that I won't share here but it all revolved around the price of the dress and the fact that the consultant failed to put our correct information into the system.

Also, when shopping, DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE BULLIED! Many, not all, but many consultants will do everything in their power to get you to break your budget. They know that you are coming with a budget in mind, but they also know that brides can sometimes be pushed into purchasing dresses outside of their budget so they can get the credit/commission. Be firm on your budget and if they try to show you dresses outside of that budget, it is okay to say NO. Even if you love what they show you.

Along similar lines as the previous point, and a good rule of thumb for the wedding funding in general, if you feel as though you're going to break your budget, TRY to avoid credit cards, credit lines and especially store credit. These are all just going to drive you to spend more than you can really afford and will have you paying for your wedding for years. Trust me because we did just that and got a bigger credit card limit and now we are paying for it when we could have just shifted our budget around to make things work better without paying on it months down the road.

Make sure its a dress that you will really like and not something that is "eh". If you don't see anything you like, don't be afraid to look elsewhere! I went to half a dozen, maybe more, superstores, boutiques and designers before I settled on my dress. You just gotta balance what you want with your budget.

We are almost done! We are wrapping up this post with our D.J.

We actually got really lucky on this end, our D.J. is a friend and former manager at a place I used to work so I got an extremely great deal on the package. He agreed to do our wedding for $400 which was amazing considering we were looking at a couple thousand otherwise! To top it off, he was doing all of this while living and working around 2 and a half hours away in South Bend, Indiana. He was great and he mixed two songs for our first dance with no additional cost. I picked Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" and a song from the Hindi film Aashiqui 2 titled "Tum Hi Ho" which roughly translates to "only for you". He did amazing and my husband and I will never forget out first dance. It was perfect to us.

I can't give you too much advice in this aspect, simply because we got a special deal. That being said, there is a tip to be had.

It's all about who you know! If you have good relationships with your vendors before your wedding then you can sometimes get a good deal out of the mix. If you have family or friends who do DJing, photography, cooking, floral arranging, etc. don't be afraid to ask them for help or even their business. Don't EXPECT deals and handouts simply because you are friends and family, but it's always a possibility!

Well, I think this all I wanted to write about. All of these vendors are obviously in Indiana so this is going to be super helpful to my Hoosier brides but I hope it can help everyone so that way everyone can get something out of this.

Christian and I really enjoyed our wedding. The last week before the wedding was so hectic and busy that we can hardly remember everything that we did and worked on. Especially when my family came a couple days before the wedding and the five of us squeezed into our little one bedroom, along with bridesmaids and groomsmen coming and going on last minute errands. I barely got a few hours of sleep the last two days before the wedding and Christian got even less, but it was all worth it I think in the end. We spent a fraction of what we expected to and that's a wonderful thing!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I really appreciate you sticking with it until the end. I hope you have a great time planning your wedding and don't regret a moment of it! Thank you very much!

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