Banana Bread

We are going 'naners!

Hey loves!

I finally baked! So here is a little story time: when I lived in California with my mom, I used to bake this almost all the time because this is my mom's favorite little treat. She doesn't have a huge sweet tooth so this was just perfect for her. Since I have moved to Indiana, I haven't made this for her or myself in ages it seems. I had a bunch of good, ripe bananas laying around and I went ahead baked this yummy goodness! I obviously like sharing this recipe so I decided to share this delicious one with my online family. This recipe isn't extremely dense but it's super satisfying and not extremely sweet so it's be a great cheat snack on a healthy lifestyle. So let's get started!

All the goodies you'll need!!

List of Ingredients:

Unbleached All Purpose Flour - 1 1/2 Cup
Banana - 3 large bananas, the riper the better!
Milk - 1 Cup (I used non-dairy almond milk)
Baking Powder - 1/2 Tbsp
Vanilla Extract - 1 Tsp
Butter - 2 Tbsp, let sit until soft and room temperature
Eggs - 2 medium sized
Cane Sugar - 1/2 Cup
Salt - 1/3 Tsp

Yummy, batter!!

First of all, you might notice, if you have ever had banana bread or have made it before, there are no nuts to this recipe. If you want some good walnuts or something similar, feel free to add them. I and my mother prefer to leave them out but it's all about personal preference!

So, first things first, let the butter sit at room temperature a little while before you start cooking, about 30 minutes early. This will allow it to soften and will help it to incorporate into the batter.

Once you are ready to start, you're going to grab your bowls. We are fortunate enough to have been given a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for Christmas a few years ago. If you are in the same boat, get your mixer set up with the whisk attachment and lock the bowl in. If you don't have a stand mixer, no worries! Just grab two bowls and whatever stirring apparatus you happen to have handy. A simple whisk will work or if you have a handheld mixer that's good too. No matter how you attack this, you will need two bowls, one for dry ingredients and the other for wet, and a whisk and/or fork. Got what you need now? Great! Go ahead and set the oven to preheat to 350 degrees.

In the mixer bowl (or wet ingredient bowl) go ahead and toss in the wet ingredients: The milk, vanilla, butter and eggs. You're also going to get the bananas into the wet ingredient bowl, although, I like to mash the bananas up with a fork before putting them in. It seems to get just a bit smoother that way. Go ahead and whisk the ingredients together for a minute or two, get everything incorporated well.

Now, on to the dry ingredients. In your spare bowl, sift in the flour and baking powder to remove any large lumps and sprinkle in the sugar and salt. Mix it all up with a few stirs of a whisk or a fork. Now all of the ingredients are ready.

Turn on your mixer to about medium speed (or warm up your mixing wrist). Start slowly adding the dry ingredients to the wet, whisking as you go. Keeping slowly combining the ingredients until all of the dry ingredients are mixed in and everything forms a thick batter, not unlike what you get with pancake batter. Stop the mixer and let the mixture sit for a minute while you prepare to bake.

Bakey, bakey!!

Get out a loaf pan and spray it with nonstick cooking spray. By now the oven will be ready and hot. Pour the batter into the loaf pan and slide it into your oven. The banana bread mixture will cook for about 1 1/2 hours or until you stick a toothpick in the crust and it comes out clean. When that magical time arrives, go ahead and remove the finished banana bread from the oven and let it sit out to cool off a bit.

And that's about it! You can enjoy your banana bread however you like it! Slice it and pour some caramel sauce over it. Maybe some peanut butter and chocolate chips, if you want to feel like Elvis. My husband and I? We prefer it warm, not hot, and with a few small pats of butter and maybe a good cup of Chai on a cool morning. Any way you elect to take it, I hope you enjoy this recipe! Please share and leave your comments! Thank you very much!


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