Tea and Coffee Station For Apartment Living With A Little Christmas Touch

Wake up and smell the java!

Hi loves!

So here is another home decor post. It's super hard to do things in a tight space but I love this nook in my apartment. Until recently it was just extra, albeit small, space between the dining table and the wall that was only used for boxes or wedding item storage. We also recently got some of those storage cube shelves from Walmart which were in need of places to stay so I had to do some small furniture shuffling to get this idea done. So anyhow, let me tell you how this all came together.

                             It's looked like this before i added the tea/coffee station, plain jane!!

The basis for the table that forms the foundation of this nifty little Tea and Coffee station is an old TV cart that my husband has had since he was a kid. When we first moved into our apartment, that old cart was particle board with wood pattern laminate sheets glued to the outside with plastic wheels. My husband pulled out the wheels and sanded the laminate down a bit to scour the surface then spray painted it that nice navy blue color. We just used a can of Krylon gloss spray paint. My husband laid out a canvas sheet on the patio and gave it two coats, using up the whole can. When the paint dried we moved it inside and the TV cart became a bar cart/cabinet. Before this it filled the space between the dining table and the door to the patio where whatever kind of decor I had on hand would land. Now, it is the place where I store our shot glasses, wine glasses, carafes and decanters.

One top of the cart, I placed a wooden serving tray that I've had for a while. The white vases I also have had for a while. I put together the floral arrangement in that vase myself and it has been pretty useful as a year-around arrangement. To make it a bit more seasonal I added the bulbs. I get most of my floral stuff from Michael's, as well as these bulbs.

Getting it set up!

The chalkboard with the rose gold frame is actually a holdover from our wedding decorations. We had an "in memorial" table set up for some of our family members and we used it in that. Now, I have found a good new use for the chalkboard. I actually used the chalk markers for this application since the chalkboard isn't the typical surface but a glossy textured surface.

But first, COFFEE!!!

Continuing the trend of making use of various kinds of decor I've had at my disposal, I dipped, once again, into former wedding decor to help. I love being able to use pieces from our wedding over again and get the memories all over our home. You can see that nice dark red cake stand that served as our actual cake stand at our wedding. It was actually a black cake stand that was out in the Halloween decorations at Homegoods. Like many things for our wedding, we made it our own by giving it a new paint job.

OH, big tip mixed with a story! When you go to paint something, I suggest that you use a primer to get the paint to adhere to whatever surface you are painting. I went through almost a whole can of red spray paint with it not working out correctly before trying some of this gold paint/primer that we had for other decor. A good coat of that and the red spray paint stuck to the cake stand perfectly.

To make it be a little more Christmassy I added my favorite little reindeer statue on top and a Christmas Spice candle.

It looks pretty, now for the coffee and tea.

To finish up this coffee station, I had to get the actual coffee there! One of our wedding guests got us a lovely french press coffee maker, from Bed Bath and Beyond, that we've been using alot. We quickly put away our coffee maker and started just using the french press. One of the great things about the french press is that it takes up so little space compared to our 12 cup coffee maker.

Next to the french press, I set some stainless steel and glass containers, from Overstock.com with some delicious Brazilian Estates coffee from Gevalia and the other with a bunch of Sugar in the Raw. I also had some small shakers with some cinnamon and lavender. For good measure I added a few of my favorite Yogi brand teas.

It's so pretty!

                                                             Ain't he pretty!!

All done!! Tada!

I hope you love this little nook as much as I love it. Thanks loves, please comment and share. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!

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