Rustic Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree Decoration 2016

Hi Loves!

I just wanted to quickly share my Christmas tree this year!! Even when I was young and growing up in a Hindu family, we loved celebrating Christmas by setting up the tree and various other decorations around the house. I used to help my dad put up the Christmas trees so that has become my thing even now. More than the tree, I just can't tell you how much I just love this time of year! The pretty lights, the snow, the gift-giving, the family time, the food, I love it all. I am excited for this Christmas more than the rest, partly because it is my first Christmas as a married woman and partly because, for the first time since I was a teenager, I'm not working in retail and I don't have to dread the crowds and drive to work in the snow. I get to hang out at home, cook delicious meals for my husband, listen to Christmas music that isn't coming from a department store speaker system and really sit and work on the decor in our home. So, let me share a few things about getting this tree put together.

First of all, it's amazing what you can get done on a budget and watching out for sales and such. The tree is a little 3 foot tall fake Waterville Pine that my husband has had since college. You can tell in some of the pictures how rough and bent the foliage on the tree is so that should tell you how few times it has seen the outside of its box. The first thing that anyone should do, when they pull their tree from storage, is to fluff it up as best you can. You don't want your tree having bed-head. I also helped fix the ragged appearance of this tree by adding several different style of evergreen picks from Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Go ahead, give your tree a weave!

 Boys are mean to their trees!

Anyhow, I was taken by a mixture of Winter Wonderland and Rustic Christmas stylings in this tree which coordinate with the different styles we have going on around the apartment. When we started off, I had plans of just doing a bunch of white decor with mixed metals woven throughout as a theme for the whole house, but that idea changed as soon as I got started working.

The first tip I have is to not be afraid to use old ornaments and materials in new ways! Most of the ornaments that you see on the tree are old ones that we have had since we met. The more rustic looking ornaments, the plaid, the pine cone, the wicker, those we have had for years. The other, not rustic ornaments, the ones that are white and blue and gold, are newer and are meant to be helping cast a more wintery feel.

Don't be afraid to load your tree down with ornaments! One thing that my mother-in-law and I have in common when it comes to our trees is that we both load them down with all sorts of ornaments. Everywhere you look there is something interesting and different to catch your eye. Something that is no doubt catching your eye right now is the golden heart ornament in the middle there. Christian and I bought that for our first Christmas as a married couple. I just love it!

Christian and Shelvina 2016!

Another thing I'm really proud of on this tree is the topper. I liberated the curly bits from a very old flower arrangement that I put together, actually, in spring time. It was some ugly pink and beige and wood color arrangement that I threw together to make my now husband's bachelor pad a bit more feminine. Yeah, the rest got thrown away because I realized that I'm not that into pink. LOL. Anyhow, they kind of add something to the topper of this tree and make it a little more exciting. 

I made the bow out of some burlap ribbon that I had bought from Michaels and the centerpiece of the bow, that wooden snowflake/star thing, we got from Walmart. Most of the rest of the ornaments were purchased from Michaels, including those really pretty rose gold bulbs that look really pink in the picture below. It's hard to tell but they are hollow and are made up of jeweled flower designs. I had originally planned on running some ribbon through the openings in these particular bulbs but I decided to scrap that idea.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

We went with just plain white LED lights for the tree which we both prefer because I like it to light the tree up without adding extra colors that I don't necessarily want. The skirt of the tree is actually made from an 18 inch wide burlap ribbon/fabric that I've had floating around in our decorations for a few years. I just unrolled most of it and bunched it up under the tree. I love it because of those snowflakes on it. So pretty! And it also helps to tie in the rusticness of the design.

That's about all that I can think of to share about our tree. I hope you like it as much as I do. Decorating a Christmas tree is one of those wonderful family activities that brings folks together around this time of year. Fill yours up however YOU like! The only limit is your imagination!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Please leave your comments and share this if you could. Thank you so much! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Love you all!

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