PCOS Friendly Honey Lime Chicken

Hi loves,

Here is a quick lunch recipe that I whipped up on the fly. Honestly, I'm bad at making lunches unless they're quick and easy. I have an extremely hard time pulling my attention away from work during the day. Thankfully, my husband likes to come home for lunch so I'm usually interrupted whether I like it or not. On this particular lunchtime, I made a very simple chicken with a honey-lime glaze and sauteed red onions.

I consider this a PCOS friendly dish because it is dairy free and gluten free and pretty good on your sugar. Having PCOS is so hard because I have to be extremely careful what I eat and make sure that my sugar won't be spiked by it too much. So lets make lunch!

Ingredient List:

Chicken Breast - 1 Boneless, Skinless breast
Garlic - 1 clove, minced
Red Onion - 1, Sliced
Raw Honey - 2 Tablespoons
Red Chili Flakes - 1/3 Teaspoon
Lime - 1 whole for Zest and Juice
Olive Oil - 1 Tablespoon
Freshly Ground Black Pepper - 1/3 Teaspoon
Salt to taste

This is one of those crazy easy dishes that I love to make. You're going to get your chicken breast out, just one will be plenty for this lunch time. It makes enough for me and my husband to have a couple wraps worth. The first thing your going to do is to add olive oil to a medium frying pan and get it heating up on medium-high heat. Once the pan is good and warm, lay the breast in the oil and let it start cooking. There is no particular order to how I seasoned the chicken, just toss it all in and squeeze the lime juice into the pan and let it cook, covered and on medium heat for about 20 minutes. Check the chicken at the end of that 20 minutes to make sure its done. It should pull apart with a fork fairly easily and the onions should be caramelized and sweet. The glaze should taste sweet and savory with that zing from the lime.

You can serve this however you like. I lightly toasted some naan bread in a pan before spooning the chicken over it. Then I sprinkled some lime zest over the chicken to finish it off. This would also be good over some rice or in a lettuce wrap. So delicious!

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this recipe! Please, comment and share and let me know what you think.

Thank you!

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