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Hello everyone! So I decided to finally redo my blog, formerly dubbed Makeup by Shelly Bear. This time it won't be catered towards only makeup, it's actually gonna be about my Life, Home Decor, and making changes for a Healthier Lifestyle. I'm very excited to do this because of the vast array of options I have for my posts! I also can consolidate my ideas and don't have to have a bunch of different blogs.Wonderful laziness right? ;)

Currently, my husband, Christian, and I live together in our apartment in beautiful Indiana. We got married on October 7th, 2016 but we were together for 4 crazy years before that. As we continue to try and make this place a (temporary) home, I will give you guys a peek into our lives and show you how I make a plain, empty apartment into a wonderful place to live. From DIY decorations to furniture to decor hauls at some of my favorite stores and more.

Also, I've been really getting into my Healthy Journey and have been going strong at it! I'm not gonna lie, I sometimes get lazy and grab fast food; it is a big temptation and I love my fries and salt! I have been, however, slowly eliminating fast food in favor of fast fruits, veggies, healthy carbs and lean proteins. I will be recording my various exercise routines, healthy recipes, essential oil use and anything else that will encourage a healthy lifestyle. Currently, I am toying with bits and pieces from Shaun T's Insanity Workout as well as incorporating fruits and veggies into my diet. I will give you guys more details on that later! ;)

I'm very juiced to inform you guys that I'll be hosting giveaways and such later as I start to get more people following me on the blog since I know I don't have a lot of time for YouTube at the moment. However, I know I'll be back on there as soon as I make enough time for recording and editing videos. I miss my subscribers very much and I hope that y'all can spread the word on the YouTube community!

I look forward to a brand new beginning!

Love, Shelly.

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